Wash and Fold Service:


Is your laundry piling up?

Wouldn't you rather be doing the things you LOVE doing instead of laundry?

 We are here to help!


We provide a drop off service that is quick and easy.



1. Bring your clothes in

2. We weigh your laundry

3. Fill out a ticket

4. Come back and pick up your clean, sorted, folded and shrink wrapped clothes


YES! It is that easy.


Cost for Wash and Fold Service: $1.00 per pound$12.00 per comforter

 (Visa/Mastercard accepted for wash and fold service only.)


Cost for self service laundry:


Washers    Top load            $1.40  (1 load) - 12 lb

                    Front loader     $2.40 (2 loads)- 25 lb

                    Front loader     $4.40 (4 loads)- 50 lb

                    Front loader     $6.50 (6 loads)- Our biggest washers; great for king sized comforters!!


** For commercial inquiries call 480-857-7333 or email  info@washworkslaundry.com



  • How long does it take to do wash and fold service?

    Generally if you drop off your laundry by noon we can have it ready for you by 5pm. However due to unexpected heavy work loads it some times takes a little longer. We'd like to have about 24 hours to process your walk-in wash n fold orders. If pickup time is critical and needed on the same day you should call ahead to insure the attendants have the time to process you order.

  • I want my shirts on hangers as opposed to being folded, do you provide that?

    For a small additional fee we can hang your shits and other items. There is no additional charge if you provide us with the hangers at the time you drop off your laundry.

  • How do I know when my clothes will be ready for pickup?

    The attendants will tell you when your laundry is going to be ready. They will call you if there is going to be a delay. You can always call us after the scheduled time for pickup to insure your laundry is ready.

  • Can I provide my own detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets?


  • How long will you hold my clothes for me?

    Generally we like to close our accounts within 7 days. If there are special circumstances we may hold items longer. If you haven't made contact with us about the delay in picking up your items after 7 days we may have donated the items to local charities.

  • How much can fit in one machine?

    The washers are identified by load capacity. 1 load  2 load etc. A load is generally considered to be 10 to 12 lbs. It is very important not to overload the machines because your clothes will not get properly cleaned and soap will remain in the clothes after the rinse cycle.

  • When is the latest time I can wash my clothes?

    Loads must be started before 9pm. The doors are locked at 10pm.

  • Can I wash my Blankets, Sleeping Bags and Rugs at Wash Works?

    We have 6 load washers and large dryers that will handle large laundry items. We do not allow the use of our machines for any rubber backed rugs or furry rugs that are prone to shedding. These items deteriorate and fall apart cause damage to the pumps and drains in the machines.

We are located on the East side of Arizona ave between Pecos and Fry road.



403 S. Arizona Ave.

Chandler, AZ, 85225


Contact Information:

Phone: 480-857-7333